Heavy Construction machinery

We also Supply of construction machinery & materials.

Borehole Drilling / Water Works

Besides Construction, Green Space also deals in Borehole Drilling / Water Works.

Roads and Bridge Construction

A land mark executed with high efficiency & best quality.

Clean Water Tank Construction

We do Clean Water Tank Construction determined by your choice.

Building Construction

Water mains, sewers, culvert repairs, earthworks, concrete sidewalks and cab & gutter formation.

About Us!

Our Impact /Opportunities/Solutions.
GREENSPACE is company that champion the future of agriculture, we are planning to make 100 hectares of land in the area of Rubkona Unity State Bentiu to grow the maize, Sorghum, and rice. We would be implementing food agricultural-tech method. In this method, we would use mechanical machines and fertility treatment for our products to meet the the potential growth.

Food stuff import and sales.
We import food stuff from neighbouring countries and overseas and sell to our customers with affordable prices, South Sudan is a land lock country without proper farming activities due to civil wars that devastated the nation for so many years, half of South Sudan population depend on humanitarian aids and assistance, GREENSPACE realise that humanitarian aids and assistance cannot be enough, we startedby importing essential foods items and turnout was surprising nearly 20% of Juba population are now our customers.

Employment Opportunities
We are fighting for SDGs No. 8 and SDGs No.2 Decent work and economic growth and Zero Hunger respectively. We cannot achieve this with rate of unemployment continue increasing in a developing country like South Sudan where most of the youth are unemployed. Provide the fact that South Sudan is bless with arable land still the citizens are facing serious hunger and malnutrition. With this small initiative we are employing the few that we could managed. With GREENSPACE in place our targeted number of youths that we can employ in the next 5 year are about 2000.

Value Chain
A value chain includes be self-reliance company be able to produce enough foods for all South Sudanese and we projected by 2025 to reach all corners of the country and the region. GREENSPACE incorporates Value chain addition as a sensitive’s strategy into its interventions to help the disadvantaged to improve economic well-being. GREENSPACE creates inclusive financial services interventions by designing appropriate products and linking the populations to key economic opportunities.

GREENSPACE offer construction of commercial civil construction services from small to large projects. With our professional and experienced Architectural and Civil Engineering team, we offer complete solutions for contracting & construction projects. Our clientele ranges from individuals, to corporates and international organizations. We do Architect

River Transport
GREEN SPACE facilitate River Transport Services from Juba to connecting all states along the Rice Nile, we partner with some local boards owner that can carry up to capacity of 1,400 metrics Tons we have 15 Pushers & 30 cargo and fuel barges. Each Pusher can carry cargo capacity of 1,400 metrics Tons per a one trip and it take more than one week to arrive to the last destination.

Road Transport
GREENSPACE established a logistical contact in Mombasa, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda handling a wide range of logistical businesses ranging from Transportation to warehousing including Cold storage facility and Clearing and forwarding in Mombasa, Kampala and Nimule. The Clearing and Forwarding business is being facilitated by our team who are in high alert whenever our good Nimule and Mombasa to clear and our businesses.

Import, Trade & Supply
GREENSPACE import medicine, medical equipment, agricultural tools and seeds, fuel and gas. this helped by our diverse logistical network within East African Countries (i.e. South Sudan, Kenya & Uganda) & the rest of the world l, we have demonstrated capacity in timely deliveries and have had supply contracts with the Government, local organizations, international organizations, companies and small businesses around the country.

Agribusiness services
GREENSPACE would develop a network that connect local farmers with traders in the cities to get market for their products, this includes transportation, packaging, and sales.
The company will create an app, where everyone from different states in South Sudan would get access and also get market forwhat ever they produce.

Reach Us

Office Head Quarters:

Custom New Market, Opposite Trinity Oil Station & M-Gurush, Juba – South Sudan.

Email: info@greenspacemultipurpose.com,
Tell: +211 917 779 936, +211 925 351 663
+211 922 476 984, +211 917 903 503

Office Hours
Monday—Sunday: 8:00AM–6:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM–4:00PM

Our focal Business Ventures!

General Trading

Green Space General Co. Ltd deals in general trading of goods and services and has been in the fore front in delivering of high quality and consumable goods such as foodstuffs, medicines, medical instruments, construction and hardware materials include; cement, iron bars, zinc sheets, agricultural tools and paints and provision of engineering services in construction of roads, bridges, water and waste treatment plants, commercial buildings, hospitals and residential housing.

Building Construction

We have the capacity required to carry out all sorts of Building Construction. At the moment we have registered a number of successes in Building Construction projects as may be witnessed by; Construction of Jebel Kujur warehouse, Our exclusive own house Development in Bunga Kampala. among others.

Property Development & Real Estate

Our experience is not limited to building houses, we also perform majority of the associated works such as: water mains, sewers, culvert repairs, earthworks, concrete sidewalks and cab & gutter formation. Sale of construction machinery .

Roads & Bridges Construction

For our road & Bridge construction projects, we have designed a special execution strategy that has ensured the highest efficiency in the construction process. This has made our final quality stand out and we hope it will result in bore projects being assigned to our company.

Borehole Drilling / Other Water Works

Besides other projects, Borehole Drilling is one of the core projects we capitalize on alongside other water works. Such projects include; Clean Water Tank Construction, piped water construction, water well drilling/ construction. among others.

Clean Water Tank Construction

With the advantage of heavy machinery and highly experience manpower, Green Space has embarked on Clean Water Tank Construction. At the moment we have registered a number of successes in Clean Water Tank Construction as may be

Management Body!



Managing Director

Is an economist and an entrepreneur, founder and managing director of Green Space Multi-Purpose Co. Ltd, own master degree in Business Administration in University of Juba and have a bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration from Catholic University of South Sudan, worked in various field with different organizations, attended several training on entrepreneurship and has adopt knowledge on financial management.



Finance Manager

She is a graduate from University of Juba with a Diploma in ICT, attend computerize accounting, financial management accounting and she has skills and experience.

She is co-founder of Green Space Multi-Purpose Co. Ltd age 30 years and married

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Custom New Market, Opposite Trinity Oil Station & M-Gurush, Juba – South Sudan.

+211 917 779 936, +211 925 351 663

+211 922 476 984, +211 917 903 503